Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mid-January Update

I had an application due yesterday, which meant I spent most of it completely procrastinating and learning a lot of interesting things that were completely irrelevant to the task at hand. First, via Gawker, some excellent images and history of the now-abandoned North Brother Island, "closer to the Empire State Building than much of Brooklyn," and, for historical buffs, the once-home of Typhoid Mary during her quarantine and eventual site of the beached PS General Slocum. The island was used for quarantine hospitals for many years as well as dormitories for GIs coming to New York to study then finally recovering addicts. It has been abandoned since 1963. Pictures and captions via.

An iron spiral staircase on the eastern tip of the southern wing. 
This room was originally a screened-in porch.
A former childrens' ward was converted to a library when Riverside became a rehabilitation hospital.

An old phone book found in the maintenance building.

Some more odds and ends that should consume your thoughts: 
The largest maritime disaster in US History: SS Sultana
If you're feeling just a little too good about the world, the Australian government didn't issue a formal apology for the 'Stolen Generations' until February of 2008. As late as 2000, during the Howard Government, the term 'Stolen Generation' was debated, since, according to John Herron, "only 10%" of aboriginal children were taken, and that didn't constitute a "generation." In matters of public, civil discourse... I can't even make this a logical argument. It's illogical not to get it. Anti-racism, anti-formalized racism, anti-genocide. Good?
Good. Now, need a cheery film rec

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