Thursday, January 6, 2011

Checking in with Oceania...

Christchurch Art Gallery, artfully photographed by Murray Hedwig

Not to be confused with Murray Hewitt, one of four other people I know from New Zealand. (Two of the others are Bret and Jemaine, yes. Sad.)

The Buchan Group in Melbourne is quite satisfied to leave me to my belief that Oceanic architecture is the best kind of architecture. I love it when my beliefs aren't challenged. Lets me sleep peacefully and all of that. The things I like are the best things, and the things I appreciate have every reason to be appreciated. That sort of thing.

I love the use of glass, but almost as importantly, I love the fact that in non-professional photos of the place, it can look as murky as the river it takes its inspiration from. For instance, look at the wiki picture of it, a decidedly non-promotional photo:

There is something non-reflective in that glass, or possibly even more reflective than the sparkles of the prior photo's glass. It reflects a reality that is, definitively is. The murk and the grime, two constants of our society, even in the far-off, enchanting NZ. Perhaps all glass buildings have these two sides. Perhaps I haven't been looking at them long enough.

I'm not easily fooled by the glitz and the glam. But the movement, which continues to the interior, is fluid and outstanding.

What exceptional art to house what I can only hope is exceptional art.

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