Thursday, October 14, 2010

the sustainable underground, under-desert (before dessert?) structure

I guess my earlier entry on the most beneficial architecture belonging to the southwest, exclusive Arizona, forced its hand. And boy would I ever force it again, with this result:

The sustainable, underground building, using the space of an abandoned pit mine. The idea, called "Above Below", is the brainchild (I hate that word, but n'est-ce pas or let them eat cake or whatever) of Matthew Fromboluti and goddamn if it isn't something.

Thsustainable building will feature its own power source, water recycling system and mechanisms such as a solar chimney that will help control the artificial climate. Lest you think something that dark and cut off from the natural way of things be ugly and torturous to look at, here are some designs-

I could not be more into this whole thing, as it combines my earnest desire to see everyone live underground and in the southwest along with a very real understanding that no one will front the cash for this unless Lex Luther is looking for a new lair, or the Green Party needs a good hiding space from neocons with teacups. (Don't we all.) It's a formidable design, from what I can see, spot on and, yes this word again, sustainable. Which in 'Above Below's case, has more than just green implications, but certainly needs to project livable, workable, and, above all, doable. And here's a shot of the Lavender Pit Mine outside of Brisbee, AZ, as it sits, untouched, today-

Where the fuck do I sign up as early investor in what is surely going to be the COOLest (so punny you forgot to laugh) building in Arizona.

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