Sunday, October 10, 2010

Night Windows

Edward Hopper, 1928, oil on canvas

everyone can find this edward hopper painting beautiful, or not beautiful, for whatever reason they have.

my second quarter of rocks for jocks, this one astrophysics for those who say ick (CAME UP WITH THAT ONE MYSELF THX BE HERE ALL WEEK TRY THE VEAL), included 'night labs' where we stood on the roof of kersten and "sketch"ed whatever we saw in the night sky, which wasn't ever much because of our proximity to downtown. so much of that time was spent looking into the mid-evening happenings of snitchcock, the lamest traditioniest of the UChicago dorms where students could engage in late-night bouts of dungeons and hobbits, or merely banter amidst (amongst) the century-old walls (and decor). this is that exact view, one which flashes back to me numerous times a day. one which comes to me in vague shapes, curved arches, vertically-stretched panes, overworked upholstery. 

oh, and by the way, the painting is called "Night Windows"

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