Thursday, October 14, 2010

six things i learned reading the six finalists for V&A Museum in Dundee press release

1. Dundee is a city in Scotland

2. The V&A has branches? Like, outside of London?

3. The director of the V&A is a knight (or baronet, but most likely knight) and therefore may brush elbows with Sir Peter Crane at knight functions. Sir Peter Crane, of course, designed the Kew Gardens before his real life began and he received the honourable distinction of becoming my natsci prof for the "biology of algae" quarter.

4. Scotland has a waterfront. Like, one that people occasionally frequent as they would a waterfront in a non-arctic continent.

5. Seriously though! Dundee = not just an Australian icon! Actually a city! In a country! That is not Australia!

6. Obviously who will win the design competition for the V&A branch in Dundee, Scotland. And here's a hint: Americans.

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