Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Forgive me for the inundation

But I must say, I found this (Design slides!!!!!!!) and suddenly have the urge to do a PowerPoint presentation on architecture. Will someone hire me for such an occasion? I can promise you my one-time fee of $0.00 is very reasonable considering my vast knowledge of the subject, and my rider requires only that the air of the presentation room not smell suspiciously like a horde of monkeys passed out on Sudafed. And, since you're a dedicated reader, for the negligible fee of 1 (one) package of Ramen noodles, Shrimp flavored, I will promise not to sing any Kanye West during the entire presentation. (As long as playing Kanye West songs on old-school boombox while I pump my fists in the air for dramatic entrance effect is still allowable.)

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