Monday, March 7, 2011

Which is my favorite picture of Julia Gillard and Barack Obama?

A: All of them.

I don't know what "mateship diplomacy" is and I certainly don't advocate that Obama eat anymore vegemite (WHERE WAS MICHELLE TO TELL YOU ABOUT THE SODIUM CONTENT IN THAT CRAP?), but I do know that Barack Obama and Julia Gillard are my favorite political alliance of all time. Look at them! You just know they're telling stories about how Malia wants to become a marine biologist and summer at the Reef, or about that cheeky relation Julia has that keeps taking her clothes off with the Australian flag in men's magazines. I wonder if anyone brought up John Key, who is finally having his day in the limelight as he single-handedly fixes all of the earthquake-ravaged buildings in Christchurch. Seriously. Has anyone seen Superman around recently?

Gillard (Aus.), Obama (US), Key (NZ), Medvedev (Rus.)
OH MAN, THANKS GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH. From the good old days, with the Russian President that I would crop out if I weren't so lazy:

Best. Best ever.

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