Wednesday, November 10, 2010

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2011 Typographic Wall Calendar
Project by Harald Geisler

This is serious. This is calendar ART. This is art that is a CALENDAR. This is, may I repeat myself, serious. And striking.

"The keys have to be arranged by hand and photographed line-by-line to achieve high resolution and minimize lens distortion. The 2010 prototype was a gigantic image of 323 Megapixel (15119 x 21378, 1,83 GB Photoshop RGB).
The size of the print is B0 (70cm x 100cm / 27.56in x 39.37in). The large format is needed to reproduce the keys in their actual size. It will be printed in four color offset on thick paper and UV coated to protect the print from scratches and the colors from bleaching. The UV coating also makes it is possible to write on the print with whiteboard markers."

Dear readers, how rare it is I make imperatives. Yet, now, here it is: Pledge. I am.
And you should support those things that I like because my liking things is a direct comment on their worthiness. Of course.


  1. Thank you very much for writing about the "Typographic Wall Calendar".

    The funding through Kickstarter was successful!
    The first calendars arrived at their new owners walls.

    Here is the link to my homepage with some Making of Photos, and more background information.

    The “2011 Typographic Wall Calendar” is available and ready for purchase online →

    If you like to get a look at the calendar in full size, the print (70x100cm) is available in these stores:

    do you read me?
    Magazine und Lektüre der Gegenwart, Auguststrasse 28, Berlin-Mitte
    Open: Mon- Sat 10 –19.30h

    Frankfurt am Main:
    Buchhandlung Walter König
    Hasengasse 5-7 (next to Kleinmarkthalle), Frankfurt am Main
    Open: Mon-Fri 10-19h, Sat 10-18h

    Souvenir Frankfurt
    Kaiser Passage 29 – Kaiserstrasse 62-64, Frankfurt am Main
    Closed: Monday
    Open: Tue – Fri 10-20h, Sat 10:30 – 16:30


  2. Harald,

    We received ours at the c&uw offices a few days ago. Breathtaking work! I still can't decide whether I want to mark it up and add to the art or leave it as is. Both options have their merits. Thank you for sharing this, and we're so happy the project worked out! Feel free to alert us to any future projects you're working on.

    Bisous- editors

  3. Hi!

    I'm gearing up again to produce my Typographic Wall Calendar made of 2012 used keyboard keys:

    Hope you like it and maybe you think it is even worth a tweet or even a post?

    Yours sincerely,
    Harald Geisler

    Additional Pictures: