Sunday, September 12, 2010

@bldgblog I respectfully disagree with your assessment of modern suburban trends, vis bookshelves

these are two different designs by two different firms. the above is located in costa rica ("yeah, I guess it will be my, uh, thing in Costa Rica, be a nature photographer") and this is located in (sigh) seattle-

my my my what first world predilections towards floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and decorative pianos you have there, designers.

meanwhile, AMA's Mash house in australia (squee!) dips into modern suburban design without the pretension-

and an interior shot, for contrast-

sometimes i wonder if i'd even have a blog if not for bldgblog which gives fodder. and then i think, oh fuck it. all press is good press, ya schmucks. 

...(un)related, actually really starting to dig this andrew maynard guy, enough to follow on twitter (!), and was so wooed by his short/sweet bio ("I am an Australian architect.") that I now fantasize that when i move to australia circa february he'll agree to go to coffee with me and talk about things. life. space. shapes. patterns. wood. anything.

(i think i just asked out an australian architect on the internet.)
(i hope he says yes.)


  1. Maybe I'm trashy, but i really like the floor to ceiling bookshelf (or maybe I'm just a pretentious Uchicago kid that likes to mount their books like trophies... eh eh?)

  2. i think i like them in theory, or when it's one wall, or something i can't really articulate. when i saw these two though, i was just punched in the gut with pretension. it definitely has to do with the piano there, too, like "i am a lover of fine books AND fine music." especially in the "rustic" setting of the first one, i had to suppress a gag. at least the one in seattle is making no bones about its pretension (which undoubtedly you will too one day).