Friday, April 30, 2010

unfinished london

i love what that documentary (links links all day with the links) is. here is what is called "a bridge over nothing", there are many more cock-ups to be found in the doc itself. i wish i could screenshot the awesome google earth work these guys did, but it was mobile. so watch it for yourself.

So I am obsessed with the idea of space that was prepped and warped in order to furnish other space, or structure that would be connecting solely, and then built up as an afterthought, to overutilize the built space. Other than that, Unfinished London is a thing I really don't have any new views on, except that, man, didn't America come out of World War II with relatively nothing bombed except some hawaii harbor? was hawaii even a state then? we can't count that. 

I should read a book on WWII through underground history, as that has to exist, because 1. this Northern Heights Plan just dissolved into nothing so that's a big deal, and 2. people hiding in the underground stations during bombing raids. who wrote that book? i will only read it if it was written by a KBE.

i found another great shot from here: mick hartley
he captions it the old crouch end station. sick.

This is all just a diatribe on how space, for many people, is merely the facilitator and hindrance to connecting with other people and other buildings, or, if you would, other space. we must always think of where we are at this moment relative to where we will be in the next.

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